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THE Sp. z o.o. is a Polish, family-owned company. The company’s first specialty revolved around activities related to water engineering, construction and maintenance of water facilities and drainage. We later expanded the business in the direction of agriculture. This is where we encountered the theme of land degradation and methods of fertilization. Delving into the subject we realized that the information regarding the natural fertilization, reconstruction of chemically degraded soils and natural regeneration of humus is lacking from the available media. These issues have become the focus of our research. After lengthy talks with soil science professors, we realized that on the remediation of soils in Poland is defeated and cumbersome for many producers of mineral fertilizers. As a result, we have come to the conclusion, known for decades, that humic acids are the major component of humus, and the content of humus in the soil is one of the most important factors determining soil fertility and affecting the growth of plants, and crop yield and quality. Following this path, we started searching for humic acids of such value, focusing on the ones of natural origin. It turned out that, with an overwhelming advantage over other sources, most of the humic acids can be found in brown coal, more specifically in its soft layer. So we started searching for technology and conducted research with more than a dozen coal mines in Europe. After laborious months we already had clearly defined target of our production and a clear course of action.

Today, we pride ourselves in superior production technology and great products that gain increasing recognition among farmers, fruit growers, vegetable growers, florists and all those who expect high-quality crops using entirely natural means.

Our product development department is constantly working on new formulations to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and informed customers. The growing interest in our products is evidence of their usefulness to consumers.

All of us have an utmost respect for nature. We would like that 100% of the extraction of brown coal was intended for the remediation of the soil. Acquisition of thermal energy generated during the combustion of this valuable raw material is only seemingly viable. Since the beginning of our adventure with brown coal, we cannot understand why we burn this valuable fertilizer and replace it with expensive pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other chemicals, which definitely has a negative impact on our health.

Our customers and consumers are what drives our company. It is them, who show us confidence by using our products. For us it is a huge commitment. We want to meet the growing demands and diverse needs of the consumer. Therefore, in creating our products we put heart, passion and knowledge acquired every day to what we do forever remain in harmony with nature, which is the most important.



comme les premiers sur le marché nous fournissons les engrais humiques naturels avec une concentration maximale. Notre préparation est extrait du lignite, libre des pathogènes et des composés chimiques toxiques ouvre de toutes nouvelles perspectives futures pour l’agriculture écologiques.



nous trouvons que la nature peut elle-même créer des conditions optimales pour le développement des plantes. La préparation humifères que nous proposons fournit aux plantes des quantités optimales des substances nutritives et prévient l’absorption des éléments toxiques en veillant en même temps à ce que la flore du sol soit normale.



comme unique nous proposons un engrais écologique liquide contenant une concentration très élevée d’acides humiques. THE TOTALHUMUS est une préparation à grande rendement qui en plus permet de diminuer de plus de 50% la quantité d’engrais utilisés.



nous savons combien il est important de prendre soin de l’environnement. En fournissant l’engrais humique facilitant la production de la couche humifères, nous prévenons la dégradation des sols et créons les possibilités de tenir des cultures écologiques favorables à la nature.


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THE Sp. z o.o.
produces natural organic fertilizers which are the future of the ecological agriculture. Our products are safe and their effectiveness and positive influence on plants and soil has been confirmed by studies conducted by facilities which specialize in the experimental cultivation of field and ornamental plants.more...


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